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The Importance of Making Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

An SWMS or safe work method statement is a must for those who belong in high-risk construction work and industries. This particular document that you call SWMS or safe work method statement contains useful information with what activities must be done in the workplace. From this document, you will be able to see what are the usual high risk activities that are being done in the construction workplace, what hazards might be present in them, and what measures are there to control these hazards.

Based on WHS regulations, you have to have your own set of SWMS documents if you are operating in high-risk construction sites and doing activities that are inherently risky. The need of a generic SWMS document becomes necessary if all the activities that are being done by your company that are high risk are now being carried out regularly. With the use of this generic document, you can always proceed in refining it and including some essential details such as consultation with other people who will be conducting some undertaking or business with you as well as with your workers. Now, SWMS templates have become widely available for companies in the construction industry who want nothing more but to make their SWMS more refined. You actually see a lot of companies that offer these customizable SWMS templates just for you. Since this is a requirement by the WHS, you have to ensure to always consider this of utmost priority because if you will not, you could be losing construction deals that you could have easily taken and done with complying with required SWMS documents. A fully revised and reviewed SWMS document is often necessary when you will be carrying out new high risk construction activities that are different and are applied in another site that you may be working at.

This SWMS or safe work method statement is a document that must be accomplished when doing any construction work that is high risk. If you happen to be carrying out some construction activities that require being at heights, you have to have prepared an adequate SWMS document. If the construction work is just minor in nature, you can continue without preparing an adequate SWMS document.

No company or professional can start with doing any high risk activity when there are no SWMS documents that they will achieve and complete. Now, in terms of the person who must be the one to prepare the SWMS, it will be the primary contractor, subcontractor, or builder who will identify them. The person who will be carrying out the job that is high risk is oftentimes the same person who will be chosen to do the SWMS. To make the most applicable SWMS document for the company, the one making the SWMS should meet with people who are experts in the field of construction such as the contractor and workers and come up with the right measures stipulated on the document.

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